Death Row Boy

Death Row Boy Manga

Death Row Boy Is a popular Korean web novel, As well as a novel series which is developed into a manga by Kim Soong-Nyeon and illustrated by GwangsanShin Kim, With over 55 chapters, Is a continuing ongoing series of manga, which was Firstly released in 05. 28. 2022. Death row boy Is a perfect example of a directive drama series With a great storyline and animation, So if you’re looking for some kind of mystery, Gothic series, then You should definitely go for this

Death Row Boy Details

  • Death Row Boy Syndrome [사형수년 kr ]; (ENG-US) ;
  • Type: Manhwa
  • Author(s): Kim Soong-Nyeon, illustrated by GwangsanShin Kim
  • Status: On-going
  • Release Date: 1st July 2023 – 12:54 PM
  • View: 19.6M
  • Genres: Detective, Gothic, 

Death Row Boy Summary

Park Tae-Jun Comics Company, Kim Soong-Nyung / GwangsanShin Kim, a rare serial killer who shook the Republic of Korea for a long time! on the other side Ji-hoo, who lost his family to Kim Shin, meets another victim, Du-seok. And he goes to prison on his own for the violence he created by killing the killer with his bare fists. This is the full Summary of the death row boy, If you want to read All chapters of the manga then the links are given below.

All Chapters of Death Row Boy